Corona Guidelines

Mandatory Guidelines To Be followedat Institute


1. Wear Mask/FaceCover At all times.

2. Carry“Sanitizer Bottel”.

3. Carryyour own water bottle as no water will be available at institute.

4.  Cooperate at the time of thermal screening atinstitute.

5. Gostraight in to your allotted batch at the time of class start.

     No student will be allowed to enter in abatch to which he is not allotted.

6. Maintainsocial distancing at all times while waiting.

7. Afteryour class is over, don’t wait, stand or talk to anyone.

    Go straight to your home.

8. Alldoubts to be taken in class only or through watsapp.

9.Library/Reading room facilities are suspended.

10. Avoidusing washroom/toilet at institute.

11. AC(s)will be switched-off at all times.

12. No entryin to any other room besides classroom.

 13. You can’t talk to any institute staff orenter director/counsellor room.

        Alldoubts through watsapp only.

14. Download“Arogya Setu” App in your mobile at all times.



Anystudent/parent violating above provisions will be immediately dismissed frominstitute and a police complaint will be lodged against them as per Govt.Directives and relevant provisions of NDMA Act.



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